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Jun 11, 2018

Jack is back! After a short hiatus, Jack Vale is back to podcast about  more hilarious thoughts, life happenings, and funny family stories. In this episode Jack explores the silly sayings that we have all adopted for some ridiculous reason. 

-0:00 Intro

-0:35 Podcast hiatus apology

-2:20 Bronchitis

-3:20 Favorite movies

-5:50 Gross ear wax story

-8:12 Alice Johnson freed from jail by Kim Kardashian

-9:49 Robbed by Roseanne

-13:36 Dumb sayings

-16:09 Tweet @jackvale if you know the origin of "Gung Ho"

-23:23 Vasectomy -Viral Dad Video

-26:15 Tweet @jackvale if your wives set your clocks ahead so you're on time

-27:48 Unphotogenic kids

-30:35 Driver's license photo tip

-32:00 Outro