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Dec 9, 2019

We’re back! The title says it all. This episode is all about catching up with what we’ve been up to since our last episode aired back in June of 2019 as well as a few teasers for upcoming projects Jack is working on. Or course we have Madysyn Rose as our talented co-host (hopefully she will be back with us for future episodes) and we are so excited to be talking with you again. ENJOY!

-0:00 Intro 

-2:17 Catching up with the Vales

-3:35  We’re in Huntington Beach, Ca!! (well…for now)

-7:02 Jack loves his “prank” job

-8:16 Subscribe to the JackPod to stay tuned for the big reveal of what TV prank show Jack will be filming in Nashville

-11:30 Christmas is coming…and the truth about Santa

-23:34 New Blind Mailman video coming soon 

-27:51 Are scratch & sniff tattoos biblical?

-34:41 Dad jokes

-38:44 Are you in Oklahoma City? Follow me on twitter @jackvale for updates on why we’re there

-40:34 Look for a phone number coming soon to call into the show on twitter

-43:52 Outro