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Apr 8, 2019

Jack is back with a Season 2 of the JackPod. Expect lots of upcoming prank calls, including a great one in this episode and more family-life musings. 


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-0:00 Intro

-0:22 We’re back with a Season 2!

-2:14 Tweet at me what you want to hear on the podcast! @jackvale

-4:05 I’m working on a Prank Call album!! 

-5:17 Also tweet me (@jackvale) if you have someone you want me to prank

-6:26 Jay’s sister Missy's prank

-15:15 Family Vlogging

-22:59 We’re moving to Las Vegas!

-30:05 Follow me on YouTube for more content, especially the upcoming Joe Biden prank I’m releasing 

-31:30 Chris Vale is getting married!

-32:48 If you want me to prank call someone you know tweet me @jackvale

-34:59 Outro